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Since 2002, Heritage Multicultural Programs & Services, Inc., (HMPS) has emerged as an authority in bridging the gap in mental health and related services to the community.  HMPS is a change agent and an empowerment catalyst in communities and organizations in this newly emerging fast paced global market.  HMPS is uniquely positioned as a culturally relevant professional Mental Health organization with specialization in working with immigrant/ refugee youths, families, communities and organizations.  We have a history and a reputation of been the cultural broker in bridging the cultural gap and addressing diversity with the reality of a changing global perspective.

We specialize in programs and services to youths, women and families; and consultations, coaching and training to communities and organizations.

HMPS staff and personnel have a broad cross-section of management, technical and leadership experience and track records that span to over 25 years of reliable and exceptional service to the community, organizations and agenciesThis include highly skilled certified leadership trainers, experience consultants, service and program developers, psychologists, psychiatrists, linguists, parents, and other licensed/ trained professionals.