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Heritage Coaches are trained Board Certified experts at engaging and motivating you to successfully transition to your next phase or level in life.

At Heritage Coaching, we want you to know that we care and are interested in helping you realize your full potential for happiness, success and prosperity.

Do you feel that you are at a standstill, confused, discouraged and not living up to your full life potential? Do you feel you need support in areas such as career, personal growth, romance and relationships, spiritual growth, divorce, transitional and life changes, phases of life or any other area that must move and grow.  What do you feel most passionate about?


As your coach, we strive to support and encourage you by clarifying your vision of what you seek to change, enhance or promote.

We listen intently to your visions, dreams, expectations and ambitions. We encourage you to communicate your curiosity, enthusiasm, hesitations, fears, personal flaws and concerns, and disappointments.  In this process, we mirror your values, needs, aspirations, and support you to evoke courage, strength, and clarity to your own solutions and problems to foster self-awareness.

We assist you in learning how to deal with change, self- limiting beliefs, and how to leave your dreams and transition to reality.

We engage you through the utilization of the art of effective listening and effective communication to assist you to initiate change towards achieving your life vision, goals, and aspirations.

In our Coaching practice, we purposefully cultivate a respectful and trusting climate that establishes meaningful and continuous ongoing dialogue to bring into vivid focus your needs, values and vision.  We help you set realistic goals and take new actions that will lead to personal and professional development that leads to greater satisfaction and personal fulfillment.

As your personal coach we focus on:

  • Engaging you to evoke answers to your circumstance, exploring and developing your own standards, values and visions.
  • Performance that is result oriented
  • Helping the client invent a future from their own possibilities

Our Life coaching process supports clients in choosing new perspectives and establishing new beliefs. It promotes them to identify and live from their strengths to their personal aspiration and accomplishment.  Clients are ultimately able to celebrate all of who they are, even the parts they used to label as weaknesses or did not know existed.  Our clients ultimately discover and utilize all of their gifts and talents in all aspects of themselves.  They experience positive change, growth and personal fulfillment.

We encourage clients to focus on what is working and build on that by making new choices and creating new habits.  We help clients build bridges between where they are currently and where they actually want to be in the near future.  We have the tools and expertise to deal with your concerns.

The following are usually the most common areas of concern.

  • Stress management for new managers
  • Spiritual tools for people in grief
  • Life balance for foster parents
  • Business skills for fine artists
  • Life reorganization for empty-nesters
  • College prep for teens
  • Self-care for stay-at-home moms
  • New life direction for executives leaving companies
  • Adventure experiences for people taking sabbaticals
  • Life skills for young adults
  • Financial management for couples
  • Spiritual exploration and grounding