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quoteBravo to Heritage Multicultural Program and Services, Inc. In my work and involvement with the community, I have come to know this agency as "an household entity" of sort. This agency is uniquely fantastic with a pool of staff that is experienced, professional and committed. This is a very valuable and much needed resource in our community, Northern Virginia and Washington Metropolitan area. Heritage Multicultural develops and implements tailored programs and services aimed at helping diverse individuals, groups, particularly young people, immigrants and families in areas of education, health, and counseling with a clear and unequivocal message to restore people's lives as productive citizens.

They are doing an outstanding job at working with community based agencies and organizations such as the school systems, churches/mosques (and other faith based orgs), charity groups, social services, embassies, law enforcement and the likes. This organization conducts culturally sensitive mental health, counseling sessions and programs in their office and throughout the community as necessary. I am truly grateful for their services to the young people who are experiencing difficulties in one area or another. I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with Heritage Multicultural on many projects to help people transform their lives and be productive and positive contributors to society in diverse ways."

Prof. S. Michael Dillo, IMBA, MBA
Alexandria, Virginia


quoteHeritage Multicultural Programs is contributing greatly to the lives of school children and families in Northern Virginia and Washington Metropolitan area in areas of counseling, education, restoring hope in people's lives. I became involved with them because of my children and they have made a hugh difference in our lives. They came through for us like a light in a dark cold tunnel by providing directions, counseling, mentoring and resources. They understand the impact of trauma and unplanned life changing circumstances.

This organization conducts workshops, seminars in collaboration with churches on issues affecting our children at school and in the community. They helped us through difficulties in resettlement, education, and to overcome personal problems in our lives. Through their services, we successfully beat cultural and emotional distress, and they helped us build motivation to become very inspired in our transitional process. We are grateful to have in our community Heritage Programs."

Mrs. Alice Seisay
Woodbridge, Virginia


quoteI came in contact with Heritage Multicultural Programs and services during my early years in the US. My interactions with them intensified during my days at TC Williams High School where I needed extra support to strive through my adolescent years. Through them, I received much needed individual counseling and mentoring as well as group support and activities. For example, in my sophomore year at T.C. Williams High School, we expanded the scope of the African Kings and Queens Program to include life and social skills training, mentoring and cultural diversity expose through the performing arts and culture. I really enjoyed putting on African cultural shows and performances for the school and working with other organizations. As the president of the African Kings and Queens club, the director of Heritage took me under her wing to help me polish my leadership skills to promote the club.

Through this agency, I successfully reunited with my family in Africa after over ten years of a traumatic separation. It was an awesome life time experience. This program has been a blessing to my life because of the things that they helped me to accomplish in high school, and even now that I am in college."

Damba Koroma
Alexandria, VA


quoteI am a loving and committed husband and father of a special need youth who has been challenged not only in my pursuit to ensure proper services for my son, but also in my personal life. I am very grateful for the services and assistance rendered to me by your organization during my personal and legal affairs. Your organization stood in and guided me during the raining days until every drop of rain was dried up. Its people like you who bring smiles to the down hearted. I appreciate every little thing that was done on my behalf, and pray that the almighty God continue to bless and guide all your endeavors. Once again I thank you all. God bless."

Thomas George
Summerset, New Jersey