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The world is fast becoming a global market, and if the US is to compete and remain a leader and an economic power force, then it is critical that agencies and communities begin to not only recognize, understand and appropriately respond to the needs of immigrants and refugees, but to begin to appreciate and effectively utilize the assets and resources of this populations.

Studies indicate that currently, there are over 15 million immigrant youth comprising over 20% of children in the United States today. If current immigration trends continue, they will comprise 25% of all U.S. children by 2010 Immigrant and refugee youth face a multitude of challenges upon immigration to the United States, including language and communication barriers, accessing and building social support, and adjusting to a new school environment.

Further, more than 1 in 5 children are immigrants or children of immigrants. This number is expected to rise to 30% of all US children by 2015. This quickly growing population faces unique challenges and risks that require special program planning and design, operations, management, and evaluation considerations.
The Heritage Multicultural Program and services, Inc, (HMPS) is a culturally relevant education and human services organization that provides mental health, education and supportive services to youths, families and organizations locally and internationally.

Philosophically the agency believes that culturally diverse families and children in crisis need services that not only model best practice in main stream society, but also understands the relevance of culture. This agency views cultural elements as essentials in fulfilling the client’s clinical goals. HMPS purpose is to address the gap in mental health by offering culturally sensitive services that are intended to meet the unique needs of our diverse language and cultural minority clients.

Our advocacy and culturally sensitive support efforts include trainings, consultation, Language and interpretation, counseling, therapy, program design, and implementation to individuals, families and group activity for orientation and successful adjustment to the community.